Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ain't it Funny...How Time Slips Away

I spent last evening at a Willie Nelson concert. I spent most of the concert in tears. So many of my life's memories are connected to music - and none more so than that of Willie Nelson. The first time I saw Willie Nelson live was in 1975. 1975. Thirty-four years ago. As soon as he came out on stage last night and launched into the rockin' "Whiskey River Take My Mind," I was taken back through the years. I get pretty maudlin when that happens, and last night I just gave in to it and let the tears flow. I think a lot of us were crying when he sang, for Waylon, "Good Hearted Woman (In Love with a Good Timin' Man)." So many of his tours in earlier years included Waylon Jennings - they were such good friends. When Waylon died last year I knew that he mourned him even more than his fans did.

When Willie sang "You Were Always on My Mind," my husband reached over to squeeze my hand - and I lost it yet again. Check out the lyrics sometime and you'll see why.

The concert was at Morongo Casino, where our daughter works, and was in their outdoor pavilion. The pavilion seats 3,500, and the concert was sold out. Our seats were in the middle, about 2/3 of the way back, so that's why the picture above isn't the greatest.

Let me tell a funny story - I'd guess that most of the concert-goers were over the age of 50. I mean, I am, and Willie himself is 75. But Don was looking at all the "old folks" going by with their canes (really!), and said, "Why are there so many old people here?" He's 60, by the way. I had to explain to him that Willie has been around since the early 1960s - and all those fans are Willie's age or even older. If you were in your 40s back then, and loved Willie Nelson, then you're in your 80s now. The guy next to us had to be helped up each time the crowd stood up to cheer.

This is one of my favorite pictures.


Linda said...

So glad you got to see their show. They are so entertaining.

Anonymous said...

What a great concert you got to attend! We're willie fans in my house too. I've never seen him but DH has years ago in BHAM. I know it was lots of fun!

Cindy F. said...

I would have cried too! I can remember so many parties when we played Waylon and Willie and clogged! That is so awesome you and dh were able to go see him!
Great post Cyndi! I almost cried reading how your husband squeezed your hand during that song:)

Anonymous said...

Waylon and Willie and the Boys !!!!
Love to death all of them. I've seen Waylon 2 times in concert and Willie 3 times in concert. My husband also plays "Your always on my mind"for me when we're in his pickup or when its playing on his Cd player and he pulls up in the driveway by the back door- he honks and I step out and he turns it up. Now if you want to shed some tears, listen to Reba sing "Music Man" for Waylon. Its on U-Tube. Good to meet you-I also am a quilter. Bobbie