Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Classes I'm Teaching

I get to teach two classes at my favorite quilt shop! The first will be in March, and the second in April. Both will be at Cherry Berry Quilts in Calimesa.  I just finished making these two quilts, had them quilted by January (who owns Cherry Berry), and now they're hanging at the store so people can sign up!

This will be basic string piecing, using Bonnie Hunter's technique and paper from phone book pages.

This one is New York Beauty foundation paper-piecing - I'll be providing patterns and the participants can do them however they want (scrappy or planned, batiks, prints or solids). Maybe this is the start of something good!
Today was the first day of the Valley Quilters' Quilt Show - everyone calls it the Hemet Quilt Show, even though it's in next-door San Jacinto.

I drove down this morning, and was there about half an hour after it opened. They set it up inside the community center, with quilts in the center rows and vendors around the sides. I loved all the quilts, but took photos of only a few of my most favorites.

"A John Muir Moment at 9300 feet" by Phyllis Binkley

"Echos of the Past" by Patti Blackman, quilted by Karen Gehring

"Out of the Ruins, a Nation Thrives" by Phyllis Binkley

"Double Wedding Ring" by Pamela Miller, quilted by Cindy DeWall
Here's why I liked the double wedding ring - it's scrappy!

Another scrappy one! "Crabapples" by Joan Torbett, quilted by Kerry Marksbury

"It's Me Jeani" by Jeani Campbell, quilted by Betty Barney

Jeani's suitcase - all the places she's gone

I finally got to meet Paulette!  For several years I followed a bunch of full-time and part-time RV-ers' blogs, as Don and I had once thought about going full-time in our own trailer or RV.  Her husband Rick's blog was one of the ones I read often, and he occasionally mentions his wife Paulette and her quilting blog. I switched to hers (sorry Rick) and have become a big fan. Paulette and Rick are from Canada, and every winter they come down to Desert Hot Springs, which is only an hour from here. She's a prolific quilter, and from what I've seen her biggest passion is the primitives - woolies. I asked  her earlier this week if she was going to the Hemet show, and she said she'd be there on Friday.

And guess where I met her?  Right next to the vendor for the woolies!  (And I don't know her name - perhaps Paulette does.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I've been up to lately

I think it's time to get organized here on the blog. One of the quilting blogs I follow has a list at the bottom of each post of the WIPs and UFOs the author is working on, and updates that go with them. That's a wonderful idea.  I'll give it a try.

First, here are some blocks I made yesterday and today:

30's Pinwheel in a Block - Block Swap Adventure - February

Low volume string hearts - Block Lotto - February

Wonky Houses - Stash Bee - February

Lucky Stars BOM - February blocks - Exploding Star

Susannah - Sisters' 10 BOM - February blocks

Block Lotto
- January blocks completed
- February blocks completed
Block Swap Adventure
- January block completed
- February block completed
Modern Monday - all blocks completed
Pieceful Kwilter SAL - 7 parts completed, ready to start part 8
Quilt Doodle Designs BOM
- January block completed

Sew Bee Wonky
- January blocks completed
- February - It's my month, so I don't have to make any!
Sisters' 10 BOM - Gen X Quilters
- January blocks completed
- February blocks completed
Stash Bee
- January blocks completed
 - February blocks completed
Sugar Block Club
- January block completed
- February block completed
Traditional Tuesday - all blocks completed

UFOs (tops that need to be quilted or donated)
1. Lighted Forest - paper-pieced/batiks - at the quilter's
2. Batik New York Beauties - quilted, needs binding
3. granny squares on white - quilted, needs binding
4. 5 1/2" strings w/red border - quilted, needs binding
5. scrappy +x blocks
6. striped +x blocks
7. selvage strings w/white border
9. Sow-Along - 30's fabric w/white border
10. Bumblebeans large color challenge
11. Quatrefoil
12. cheddar bowties
13. 100-patch
14. crumby log cabins
15. green Bento box
16. Laurel Burch Christmas
17. 4 hearts/1" blocks

WIPs (tops in progress)
1. Boomerang blocks - turquoise
2. Block Lotto tall fly blocks
3. scrappy rag quilt
4. string quilt #4
5. Mondern Monday
6. Traditional Tuesday
7. bold stars on white
8. Bumblebeans small color challenge
9. Discontinuity