Friday, August 23, 2013

Home! And starting to get caught up

I never did say in this blog where I was going for the summer - and now I'm back. I told all about it on Facebook and on my travel blog Wanderlust, so I guess I need to tell a little bit here. 

I was working in Yellowstone National Park.  I thought I'd try working for a summer while Don fished, and got hired at the General Store at Mammoth Hot Springs (at the north entrance). We took our trailer, and stayed at Yellowstone RV Park in Gardiner, Montana. At first, the job was fun. It was hard work - I was in the fountain, where we sold ice cream, drinks, and hot dogs. But for a variety of reasons, it became NOT fun after a while, and eventually I got to a point where I decided to leave 3 weeks early. The biggest reason is that I injured my index finger - nerve damage - and I NEED that index finger for my sewing.  (Sewing is much more important than a summer job.)

We left here May 5th, spent a couple weeks in the Sierras, and then I worked in Yellowstone from May 20 until August 18.  We got home Wednesday the 21st.  After a day of grocery shopping and unpacking and organizing, I finally got into my sewing room to sew today. I decided I needed to work on some "obligation" blocks.

Stash Bee Hive #4 August blocks for Chelsa

Ribbon Star - Block Swap Adventure August block for Agnes

July and August Spools - our guild's BOM

Improv solids blocks - July Sew Bee Wonky blocks for Suzy B

"Made fabric" - August Sew Bee Wonky - for Christine H