Sunday, November 18, 2012

I"m Late! Traveling Pic-Stitch Blog Hop!

I'm never, never, late for anything - which is why I'm so aghast that November 17 came and went without my post on the Traveling Pic-Stitch Blog Hop.  I sat around the house doing a little bit of nothing on Friday, and then yesterday, the 17th, my day for the blog hop, I went to a "Quilt Till You Wilt" activity at my LQS. I was there from 9 am to 9 pm, and in the middle of the day I realized I'd forgotten to do my post.

Please forgive me.

But here it is!

We spent 3 months in Colorado this summer, deliberately scheduling our trip to end in October so we could see the aspens turning. That was a bucket list item - something I'd always wanted to do but never could since we always had to return home in August so I could go back to work.  As I was going through my photos to choose one for this blog hop, I decided to use one that had the yellows of the changing aspens.

After running it through the Palette Builder, I selected this combination of colors:

My next step was to select fabrics.

I ended up not using the brown on the left - but just one dark brown piece for the center to represent the cabin.

As I was designing my block, I realized my focus was on proportion.  I deliberately planned the block to have the appropriate ratio of yellow to green to brown to sky blue to the gray of the mountain in the back.  I was quite pleased with the results:

My next step was to create something with the block.  I chose a pillow:

It's now sitting on our couch, and I can look at it all the time and fondly remember my beloved yellow aspens.

Go to Laura's main post about the bloghop for more information. She has a list of all the posts so far, and all the rest still to be posted. Have a great time going through all the links - there have been some wonderful photos and blocks so far!