Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Boomerang Blocks - Set 2

I finished 8 more Boomerang blocks.  I'm having a good time with these - see how they are all so different?  I'm using several different sources for patterns:  Quilter's Cache on the internet, the Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar by Debby Kratovil, the Quilt Block Tool application on my iphone, and some other assorted web pages.

#4 Mosaic Star

#5 Mrs. Taft's Choice

#6 Black and White

#7 Holiday Mosaic

#8 Windmills

#9 Hayes Corner

#10 - Ohio Star

#11 - Colorado Beauty

#12 - Red Cross Variation

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Road to California - My Favorite Quilts

Man, am I tired!  Yesterday, I arrived at 8:30 am - I'd signed up to do two volunteer shifts and the first one was supposed to be at 9:00.  My foot had been hurting all week ( I have a bone spur in my heel) and I told the volunteer coordinator that I was only going to do one shift. She needed me at noon, so I had until then to do my "shopping" and viewing of the quilts.

I took pictures of many of my favorites:

"Christmas All Around" by Sherry Reynolds of Laramie, Wyoming
 I met Sherry on Wednesday night during the preview show, and was able to get her to pose with her quilt.

I put this one in to show what a "white glove volunteer" does.  That's what I did for 2 hours Wednesday night and again Saturday morning.

"One Plus Twelve" by Margit Kagerer of Carefree, Arizona

"Venice Compass Rose" by Erin Woodward of Kernville, California

"Obsession" by Diane Becka of North Bend, Washington.  This one's a miniature quilt.

"Mini Diamonds #2" by Rita Hutchens of Sandpoint, Idaho. This is also a miniature.

"Floral Basket" by Karen Guthrie of Marshall, Missouri

"Incommunicato" by Esterita Austin of New York, New York

"Scene on the Duoro" by Christina Rocha of Newbury Park, California

Top:  "Grand I" by Kathleen Russu of Palm Springs, California ++ Bottom Left: "Spirit of Flight" by Trudy Smith and 6 others of Simi Valley, California  ++ Bottom Right: "Whatchamacallit" by Lisel Schwarzenbach of Berkeley, California

"Coup Stick" by Susan Strickland of Grand Junction, Colorado

"Southwest of Michigan" by Corliss Allender of St. George, Utah

Closeup of "Southwest of Michigan"

"About Trout" by Angie Steveson and Jessica Jones of Scottsdale, Arizona

"Morning Glory Faded Glory" by Betty J Gientke of Bend, Oregon. This is inspired by the Morning Glory Pool at Yellowstone National Park

"Firestorm" by Carol Ann Sinnreich of Lawton, Oklahoma

"Montezuma Castle" by Jo A Blade of Sedro Woolley, Washington

"Vision of Horses" by June Jaeger of Prineville, Oregon

"Northwest Passage" by Diane Johnston and Cory Allender of Pahrum, Nevada. This one is 196 reverse appliqué squares.

"Carol's Heart to Hand" by Carol Watt and Rhonda Beyer of Bay City, Oregon

"Beatuy with a Checkered Past" by Janice L Hayman of El Cajon, California

"Joshua Tree Sunset" by Cherie Brown of Del Mar, California

"Moonlit Mirage" by Denise T Havlan of Plainfield, Illinois

"Windows on the Southwest" by Phyllis M Mielonen of Sahuarita, Arizona

"Astral Burst" by Beth Nufer and Shelly Knapp of Brookings, Oregon

BEST IN SHOW:  "Natural Wonders" by Kathy McNeil of Tulalip, Washington

BEST USE OF COLOR: "Sentinels of Fall" by Peggy A Spitzer and Lori Olek of Fargo, North Dakota

"Port of Cassis" by Lenore Crawford of Midland, Michigan

"Sunset and Sandhill Cranes" by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza, Oregon

"Bohemian Fireworks" by Sandra F Peterson of Muncie, Indiana

"Floatin' Around the Meadow" by Mary Kay Davisof Sunnyvale, California

"Sunset Serenade" by Beth Schillig of Columbus, Ohio

"Precious Cargo" by Allyson Allen of San Jacinto, California. In the boat are 167 handmade "Why Worry" dolls, no two alike.

"Aweleye" by Bente Kultorp Andresen of Haflündsÿ, Norway

"Monk in the Doorway" by Julie Duschack of Denmark, Wiscosin

Yes, I know this is a long post, but this is only a fraction of the quilts at the show.  These are just my favorites.  Maybe someday I'll make something HALF as nice as these!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Anyone going to Road to California?

I am. I'm volunteering Wednesday night, 7pm - 9pm, then Saturday 9am - 11am and 12pm - 2pm.  I'm also taking a class on Sunday. 

The reason I'm asking is in case you're interested in meeting face to face! Let me know - email me via the link in my profile.

Boomerang - Set 1

I joined a new swap - and it is probably the most enjoyable swap I've been in yet. It's on the Quilters' Message Board, and it's called Boomerang.There are 36 of us in a group. I send a Fat Eighth of fabric to all the other 35. They create a 12.5" block with my fabric, adding in some of their own, and send it back to me. I end up with 35 different blocks all using my fabric.

I received the first three Fat Eighths yesterday, and got to work on the blocks. 

#1 Gentleman's Fancy

Lisa sent red fabric, and requested that her block include black and white. I had this black-on-white print and some black solid, and created this block for her.

#2 Chain of Squares
Ann sent this yellow Southwestern fabric, and I had just the right accents for it. They probably come from the same line - the teal and purple sun swirls went perfectly with her fabric.

#3 Castles in Spain
Linda sent the red tiny floral - which had yellow, green, white and blue. I decided to add a larger yellow & white floral and a blue that matched the blue in the red floral. 

Now that I've finished washing all my fabric (that I have to send out), I need to go cut and iron it. Then I have to put it in plastic and then in an envelope, and type the notes I'm sending with it. Tomorrow I'll get it in the mail.  
This is really fun because I get to do something different with each piece of fabric. There's no boring repetition.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the gals do with mine - I chose (for 27 pieces) a dusty rose, and for the rest a brown that will go with the rose. I did'nt want to go buy fabric just for this; I just wanted to use what I had in my stash.

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - 6

I finished the quilt top for the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt! In looking for the right fabric to use for sashing, I decided to try red - and it's a nice-looking red. I used white for the cornerstones and border. Since I did all 111 of the blocks, I have a queen-sized quilt that I'm going to get quilted and give to my sister Eileen.

Below are the last of the blocks:

#21 Contrary Wife

#68 - Postage Stamp

#102 Whirlpool

#105 - Whirlwind

#104 - Wild Geese
#105 - Wild Goose Chase

#106 - Wild Rose and Square

#107 - Windblown Square

#108 - Windmill

#109 - Windows

#110 - Wood Lily

#111 - Wrench (identical to Churn Dash)

As soon as I get it finished, I'll post a pic!