Saturday, August 27, 2011


While we were on our Alaska Highway trip this summer, we saw many, many of these for sale at the souvenir and gift shops. We saw them made of jade, gold, rocks, marble, wood, and lots of other materials.  This is called an Inukshuk, also spelled Inuksuk, which is a type of cairn. A cairn is a marker built to identify paths or specific locations, and these were made by the First Nations people in British Columbia and the Yukon. When I saw this paper-piecing pattern for sale at Bear Paw Quilts in Whitehorse, Yukon, I had to have it so I could make one for myself.

3 Boomerang Blocks 5.0 received

from Laura B

from KarenPatrick

from Lauren K (MFQS)

Blocks for 15 Minutes

Victoria's Basket of Flowers

Julie's Hybrid Tea Rose

Bonnie's Cactus Flower
Just trying to keep up with the BOMs on 15 Minutes Play.  I have so much "made fabric" to use up, with more scraps to use.

At quilt guild yesterday I learned that there are many, many women who do not use their scraps. One woman had made a pretty quilt, and came to the meeting with a garbage bag full of the scraps left over. We're talking about large scraps, too.  She donated them to be used as stuffing for a doggie bed.  I wanted to shout, "give them to me!" There were enough in there to make a whole quilt!  Don't they realize that our scraps also cost $9 a yard?  I was talking to the president during the break and mentioned the garbage bag of scraps, and she said that a lot of the ladies just don't "do scrappy."  Well, they're going to see my scrappy!!!

My first quilt guild meeting

I joined the Citrus Belt Quilters yesterday. It's a pretty large guild (I think) - there were 109 members and 5 guests at yesterday's meeting. I'd wanted to join one for quite some time, but didn't have the time while I was still working. I know a couple of ladies there, and have already been roped into helping with our vendors' tables activity in December (members selling their own stuff).We're having our first annual quilt show in October - the Harvest of Quilts, and it'll be at the Yucaipa Community Center.  I'm sure I'll be able to help with that, too.

After the business meeting, we  had a great speaker - Lyn Brown of  She's from Anaheim Hills, just down the road a ways, and did a presentation of quilts she's made and designed "through the seasons." She started with Winter-themed quilts, and worked her way through the seasons and holidays.  She also had her patterns with her for sale, and sold them for $5 each - they're normally $8.  I bought one - I'd been looking for a way to use up a set of fat quarters I bought a few years ago in Seattle, and this one will be perfect.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two more Boomerang Blocks received

I am loving all these blocks! Everyone is doing such a fabulous job of coordinating the colors, and each block is different. There's very little repetition of colors, too, so the quilt made with these blocks will be very bright and colorful.

from Karla R

from Robin S

Monday, August 8, 2011

African Violets for Block Lotto

I like these!  They worked up quickly, and a bunch of them will make a lovely quilt.

More Boomerang Bocks Received

I had 10 more Boomerang blocks waiting for me at the post office when we checked mail on Thursday. I am so excited about these.  I deliberately selected a multi-colored, wild fabric so that I could get lots of bright colors. That's what is happening.  I LOVE these blocks!

from KaSandra

from Donna D.

from Jennifer

from Larissa B

from Carole Mc

from Cindy

from Linda H - this is an embroidered patch that matches my fabric beautifully

from Janet T

from Patsy S

from OK Darla

Now that I'm Back...

I'm happily sewing again.  First up was a block for Qbee, which should be the next-to-last in Boomerang 5.0.
The block is called Hayes Corner.  There might not be another block for me to do in 5.0, as I have yet to receive a Fat 8th from the last person. They were all due to me by April 15.  Yes, April 15. The swap organizer has tried to contact her numerous times to no avail; we're both resigned to the fact that there are often people who flake in swaps. But what bugs me is that this person now has 35 Fat 8ths from everyone else, and hasn't returned our completed blocks. 

I will, however, continue to do this swap - version 6.0 will start next month. I really like the challenge of getting fabric and coming up with coordinating fabric and a block to put it all in.