Monday, March 26, 2012

Some weekend sewing

In addition to all the boomerang blocks, which were done over the last 4-5 days, I did some other sewing:

New York Beauty Block 0
I've been thinking about participating in the New York Beauty Quilt-Along, but have only accomplished block Zero. We'll see if I do the rest. I'd like to, but who knows?

Traditonal Tuesday Week 25 - Pendants
I had some problems with this one. When I sewed together the original pieces, my block ended up the correct width (6.5") but was only 5.5" high. I had to add two pieces. Unfortunately, I was using directional fabric for the light green, and the misalignment shows. Oh well.  It's a learning experience.

Modern Monday Week 25 - Pendants

My daughter is going to a soccer tournament in Las Vegas next month, and she and her best friend will be doing some promenading on the Strip. She saw a little purse I'd made from a class I took at Road to California, and asked me to make one for her. This will go over her neck, so it's a little more secure than a handbag, and is just right for things like ID and cash. It's a little BB Bag by Tracey Brookshier. I'd received the Las Vegas fabric as a gift a couple years ago - finally a nice use for it.

Front has zipper pocket

Inside - pocket for cell phone, zipper pocket for cash/ID, 3rd pocket.

Outside - laid flat - yet another pocket on the back side under the roulette wheel.

Bloggers' BOM - Month 7

Sneak Peak
This last picture is a sneak peak of a mini I did for my STUD (Swap Till You Drop) Flickr group. I'll show the whole thing with a story after my partner has received it.

Sow-Along blocks

Cut Glass Dish


I don't like how this one turned out. I think I'll re-do it, and use plain white in the teeny four-patches. That way they'll show up better.

Boomerang 7.0 Blocks Sent - Set 2 - long post

The gals in this round of Boomerang are sending their fabric out quicker this time - so I've had lots of blocks to do. I'm glad I've had lots of time to do them.

Louisiana for Charlotte T

Practical Orchard for Elise S

Rocky Mountain Puzzle for Judy B

Water Wheel for Jan A

Flying X for Pat W
Double Star for Lori-ann M

Ohio Star for Sue S

Town Center Star for Penny T

Red Cross Variation for Kelly B

Anvil for Marcia S

Amish Diamond for Sherry S

Friend's Star for Ruth B

Sunlight and Shadows for Mindy H

Blockade for Sue G

Aunt Eliza's Star for Joan B

Diamond Star for Lisa B

Road to Oklahoma for Claire S

Prairie Queen for Debra R
Two Colors Star for Carolyn R

Fondling fabric again!

 This is only one of three different orders from Canton Village Quilt Works. I forgot to take pics of the other two before I'd put them on my shelves.  From left to right - Large Flower by Terrie Mangat (I got this one in two different background colors), Painted Daisies by Phillip Jacobs, Persian Vase by Kaffe Fassett, Scales by Westminster Fabrics, Bekah by Kaffe Fassett, and Wood Ear by Kaffe Fassett.

 These are my two green fabrics for the Over the Rainbow Charm Swap 2.  It's being hosted by Elyse of Elyse Susan Design. Each of us is given a color, and gets one yard two different "modern" fabrics in that color. We cut it into 5" charms (56 for each yard) - send them to Elyse, and then we will receive back 112 charms in all the colors of the rainbow.  The lighter green on the left is Woodland Bloom by Lila Tueiler for Moda, and the darker one is Coffee Cat CafĂ© by Color Principle for Henry Glass.

 At my book club meeting last week, I was chatting about quilting and fabric with my friend Linda. She stopped for a moment, and said, "Follow me."  We went into her garage, where she showed me this box of rolls of fabric, and asked it I could use it.  Of course!!!!!

 In the box were 10 large rolls of fabric, like the one above. One roll was all silky/shimmery fabric made of something like rayon. The other 9 were quilting cottons! 

I'd estimate that 90% of the pieces are larger than a fat eighth/smaller than a fat quarter. Some of them have triangles cut out of the corners. There are a bunch of rich teal/black/gold-based Egyptian prints. All of them are just lovely. 

I found enough teals, golds, and purples to use in a mystery quilt that I'm starting in one of my Yahoo groups.  I've been sorting and folding and sorting and folding and I still have a 5" high pile of fabric to go through.  What fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Boomerang time again!

I joined the Boomerang swap again on the Quilter's Board.  This is a swap where I send out 38 fat eighths to different people, and they use my fabric and their stash to make me a 12" block.  In addition, I receive 38 different fat eighths, and use my stash to make them blocks. For several reasons I enjoy this swap - first, I love to make blocks - and get to make my favorites - usually stars.  It depends on what fabric they have sent and what I have to go with it. It also depends on whether or not they have a special request (such as "no white," or "no batiks," etc.)  I try to feature their fabric in some way, so if they've sent a focus fabric or a solid or blender, each block is selected especially for the fabric.  Another reason I love this is I often end up with some of their fabric that I get to use in something of my own.  Sometimes I find a swatch of fabric sent to me that I have to have more of - as happened this weekend. One of the gals is going to GIVE me a yard of the fabric - and I'll be sending her something in return.

We just started Boomerang 7.0, and I received four fat eighths yesterday.  I think I'm leaning towards stars these days!

Hunter Star for Andrea B

Wheels for Joan L

Silent Star (AKA Kansas City Star and Star X) for Linda De

Another Star for Linda Du

Two "bonus" Sow-Along Blocks

Randy at Barrister's Block gives us two bonus blocks this week. I'm enjoying doing these with the 30's repro fabrics.

Shoo Fly

Civil War

More Modern Monday and Traditional Tuesday blocks

I'm enjoying the weekly blocks coming from Jenifer's blog.  I look forward to seeing the two quilts that come from these! I spent the last couple of days trying to catch up. There are still a few more - especially one I'm having some difficulties with. But I'll figure it out!

Modern Monday Block 12 - Winged Square

Traditional Tuesday Block 12 - Winged Square

Modern Monday Block 13 - Nine Patch

Traditional Tuesday Block 13 - Nine Patch
Modern Monday Block 15 - Double Four Patch

Traditional Tuesday Block 15 - Double Four Patch
Modern Monday Block 16 - Square Within a Square

Traditional Tuesday Block 16 - Square Within a Square

Modern Monday Block 17 - Hour Glass Variation

Traditional Tuesday Block 17 - Hour Glass

Modern Monday Block 20 - Shoo Fly

Traditional Tuesday Block 20 - Shoo Fly

Traditional Tuesday Block 21 - Heart

Modern Monday Block 21 - Heart

Modern Monday Block 22 - Jewel Box

Traditional Tuesday Block 22 - Jewel Box

Modern Monday Block 23 - Chinese Coins

Traditional Tuesday Block 23 - Chinese Coins
Traditional Tuesday Block 19 - Star
Modern Monday Block 24 - Spool