Sunday, November 20, 2011

100-Patch Quilt - top finished

I use as much of my fabric as I can - down to the smallest scraps possible. My reason? Even the smallest scraps cost $ ___ (fill in the blank) a yard.  One of the sizes I cut the small ones into is 1.5".  That's the smallest square I will work with. I've been using them as leaders and enders for almost a year, and have been sewing them together into 9-patch blocks.  I pin them together in sets of ten, and last week realized that I had over a thousand 9-patch blocks. For some reason, I had it stuck in my head that I was limited to making something with 9-patch blocks, and have been searching for some decent patterns.

But last week on Stashbusters, one of my Yahoo Groups, Deanna posted that she had done this quilt. Deanna made hers with 2" squares, so mine's a little smaller. It has 1824 1.5" squares in it.

12 blocks, 100 squares inside the white border and 52 on the outside.

The finished top

I'm looking forward to showing this at Guild next meeting. I'm now known as the scrappy lady.

Many thanks, Deanna, for a wonderful pattern!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crumb Quilt top finished ... almost

This is the top created as part of Jo's Crumb-Along.  It's got a bunch of the blocks she suggested we make, along with orphan blocks that I received in swaps or donations, or made as tried new techniques. (Example:  the wonky log cabins at the bottom.)

I'm going to have to sit down tonight and do some frogging. The whole left side - the one with the numbers - is messed up. I couldn't figure out until I took the picture why it was ruffly. Turns out I measured something wrong, and had forced it to fit. If I just take out one piece it'll fit perfectly.

But here it is!  Voilá!

(The English teacher in me wants to point out that it's NOT "walla" or "wa la."  It's voilá.  It's French.)

Once I get that side sewn on correctly, I'll sandwich it and probably hand tie it. I'm going to be house-sitting for a friend for two weeks beginning November 10, and can take that with me to have something to do while I watch TV.