Tuesday, August 7, 2007

WIP Update - Folk Art Anniversary Sampler

So yes, it's a bit wrinkled since I took it off the Q-snaps for the photo, but it's not on the large set of Q-snaps any more. I had one of those "duh" moments - you know, when you slap yourself on the forehead because something just came to you that you should have figured out long before.

I'd had this piece on the 11x11" Q-snaps - and when I was working on the left side of the design, my right arm was getting tired from all the over and under, and I can't stitch well at all with my left arm. I finally realized that all I had to do was transfer the piece to the 8x8" Q-snaps, and there would be a whole lot less movement for my stitching arm. It worked! I just need to relocate the piece now and then to get to all of it, but that's no big deal.

This piece is going rather quickly. I've never done a sampler before, so I didn't realize that they take a lot less time than a design that covers more space - since there are fewer total stitches. I know I should take a break from it and start or work on something else, but I can't break away.

What's next to start is a tiger square for a World-of-Charity Stitching quilt. I have the cloth and the pattern; I just need to get the threads out and start. I also need to sign up for a square on the southwestern quilt on Cross Stitching for Charity. I'm learning from reading all the posts from those two groups that it's fun and satisfying - and it seems to be a great outlet for stitching mania! I like to stitch all kinds of things, but I don't like to keep them all.

I'm up for exchanges, too - anyone want to exchange smalls with me? Let me know!