Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stitching on Black Aida with Fluorescent Thread

...is pretty difficult, but looks nice. First of all, it's hard to see the holes, but now I've gotten into a rhythm of doing it by touch. The point of the needle "skips" across a hole or two until it's coming through the right one. Second, the fluorescent thread is heavier and slicker than regular DMC, and unravels easily. You have to cut longer lengths, fold one length in half, and make the loop go through the eye of the needle (then loop it through itself). I've never tied knots in the end of the thread either, but that's what the directions said to do. I have to tie double knots so they won't come through the 14-count-sized holes.

Why am I doing this? I signed up for a Halloween exchange, and the gal I'm sending to requested a banner that will go under a black light on her door. This pattern is really cute, thought originally it's stitched in black on cream or white. I'm using fluorescent colors on black, and I think it's going to turn out great. The color looks much brighter in real life than the photo. When I take the final pics I'll try to capture the bright colors.

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Kyrie said...

Yay for being lazy!

Fluro thread - eek, you can keep that! I'll stick to my normal silks and dmc thanks :)