Friday, August 10, 2007

"Patriotic Star" by Carrie's Creations

This is the first piece I ever stitched on linen. I got the material at Forever Stitching in Idaho Falls while we were on vacation, after owner and designer Lynda Orme convinced me that I could stitch on linen. She gave me a quick tutorial (along with a flyer she'd made that I consult often), as well as some scraps of linen from her scrap basket. This is on one of those scraps.

This piece began as a free chart from Free Patterns Online. My brother and his wife decorate their home in Texas with Americana, meaning there are lots of patriotic/star-related things on their walls. I found this chart, which looked like this:

and changed the basic red, white, and blue to the more "rustic" burgundy, ecru, and navy. I also used some gold blending filament in the black border, and then sewed on star buttons instead of stitching the stars. Here's a closeup of the design:

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MysteryKnitter said...

I like exchanges, but I dare to say I can't but send my pieces to someone I know. He just frames them. I've never talked to him about any other way to finish.