Friday, August 31, 2007

Goals Check

Here are my August goals, with commentary:
1. Finish first ornament for exchange. Did it! Sent it off to Tina.

2. Finish Cape Hatteras Nope. I did work on it some, but it's a long, long way from being finished. I think if I create some sort of rotation I'll get it done.

3. Stitch at least two more cats on Calico Cats. Done!

4. Start and finish Chatelaine Mini-Mandala 1 Nope. Not done at all.

5. Start Chatelaine mandala from TGOSM Nope, not done at all, either.

6. Stitch an ornament for the Christmas Ornament Stitch-a-Long No, I didn't do that either - see a trend here?

7. Locate and obtain burlap. The burlap I found was about 6-count - way too large. But I DID find some great nubby, linen-looking acrylic fabric, which I used for the Folk Art Anniversary Sampler from TGOSM. I also found some khaki Davos, which is the color I wanted in the burlap.

8. Start Folk Art Anniversary Sampler from TGOSM. Hooray! I finished that one!

Additional August accomplishments:
1. Dance of the Geckos, a square for a charity quilt.
2. "Boo! Guess Who!" Halloween ornament for an exchange.
3. Debbie Mumm rooster for my sister.
4. "Friendship Quilts" for my friend Shannon.
5. bulldog, a square for a charity quilt
6. "Halloween Night", to be a banner for an exchange.
7. monkey, a square for a charity quilt.
8. Santa, a square for a charity quilt.

Now: September Goals

1. elephant square
2. 2 more cats on "Calico Cats"
3. another couple hours on "Cape Hatteras"
4. finish bathroom piece for Ingrid
5. rustic/forest/mountain piece for international exchange
6. Start Lizzie Kate "calendar" - one Flip-It each month, all on one piece of fabric
7. Do small mandala garden from Martina Weber for Toi Lynn
8. Start a larger mandala garden - Alpine? Pompeji? Hmm.
9. Do 2 more charity squares for WOCS/CSFC/SOLAK
Hmm. I'll have to come back to this when I plan a few more pieces!


Ginger said...

Oh Cyndi - you are so much more ambitious than I! I got all psyched up to do a rotation - but, then I find myself just blithely stitching on what I want to and ignoring it! So, I guess all of those WIPs just have to become UFOs...
Have a good week,

Me said...

Hi there Cyndi. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

It took me a bit to remember Lavender Garden 'cuz it's been awhile since I've done it but looking at the picture of it I remember having all kinds of problems when I was making it. Yes, I had to refer to the picture often. Fortunately it went fairly quickly so it was somewhat painless. :o)

There was another lady working on this at the same time I did, I wouldn't bet my life on it, but I think it was Gil @ Chewed Away. Whomever it was, she and I traded many emails about that thing.

This tiny little Mandala got me thinking I could do a bigger one, silly me. :o) I'm not that dedicated. heh. I started St. Pete's but didn't make it past the first 3 days of work and gave up. For now.

More than you ever wanted to know, eh?!

Me said...

Oh, and the beads, I chose my own.