Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Boomerang time again!

I joined the Boomerang swap again on the Quilter's Board.  This is a swap where I send out 38 fat eighths to different people, and they use my fabric and their stash to make me a 12" block.  In addition, I receive 38 different fat eighths, and use my stash to make them blocks. For several reasons I enjoy this swap - first, I love to make blocks - and get to make my favorites - usually stars.  It depends on what fabric they have sent and what I have to go with it. It also depends on whether or not they have a special request (such as "no white," or "no batiks," etc.)  I try to feature their fabric in some way, so if they've sent a focus fabric or a solid or blender, each block is selected especially for the fabric.  Another reason I love this is I often end up with some of their fabric that I get to use in something of my own.  Sometimes I find a swatch of fabric sent to me that I have to have more of - as happened this weekend. One of the gals is going to GIVE me a yard of the fabric - and I'll be sending her something in return.

We just started Boomerang 7.0, and I received four fat eighths yesterday.  I think I'm leaning towards stars these days!

Hunter Star for Andrea B

Wheels for Joan L

Silent Star (AKA Kansas City Star and Star X) for Linda De

Another Star for Linda Du


Rebeckah Austin said...

How do I get involved?

Rosa said...

they are absolutely wonderful.Great job!

Deanna said...

Your blocks look great. It sounds like a fun swap!

MysteryKnitter said...

Those are stunning!