Monday, March 26, 2012

Boomerang 7.0 Blocks Sent - Set 2 - long post

The gals in this round of Boomerang are sending their fabric out quicker this time - so I've had lots of blocks to do. I'm glad I've had lots of time to do them.

Louisiana for Charlotte T

Practical Orchard for Elise S

Rocky Mountain Puzzle for Judy B

Water Wheel for Jan A

Flying X for Pat W
Double Star for Lori-ann M

Ohio Star for Sue S

Town Center Star for Penny T

Red Cross Variation for Kelly B

Anvil for Marcia S

Amish Diamond for Sherry S

Friend's Star for Ruth B

Sunlight and Shadows for Mindy H

Blockade for Sue G

Aunt Eliza's Star for Joan B

Diamond Star for Lisa B

Road to Oklahoma for Claire S

Prairie Queen for Debra R
Two Colors Star for Carolyn R


Kyra said...

Like the water wheel pattern here!

MysteryKnitter said...

So awesome!