Sunday, March 18, 2012

Liberated Round Robin 2, Step 1

Just call me a joiner. If there's a swap, quilt-along, BOM, or some other joint effort that I can participate in, I'm probably going to give it a try. I just joined the Liberated Round Robin blog and finished my first step today.

Unlike regular round robins, no fabric or blocks are sent away.  You receive a set of general instructions for each step, make it yourself at home, and share your steps on the blog. I'll be sharing both there and  here.

The first step suggested starting with an orphan block and doing a little slashing and inserting.  Since there are really no rules, you were encouraged to do anything else you felt like.

 I started with two orphan blocks. The first was a Chinese Coins block that I made incorrectly - but couldn't just throw away. The other was a leftover pansy from Block Lotto

A couple of slashes, insertion of some flowery strips, dividing the Chinese Coins, and adding a little striped fabric, and here we go!

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