Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Modern Monday - catching up

Before I get too far behind, it's time to catch up with Modern Monday and Traditional Tuesday blocks from the sew-along at 42 Quilts.

I've decided to break these up into two separate posts - the new (and NOT IMPROVED) Blogger interface is driving me nuts. It won't let me insert more than one picture at a time, and when I try to write a caption, it moves the photo from where I placed it to just above the last photo. I can't make it work right. Anyone else having this problem?  Aaarrgghh.

First, the Modern Monday blocks:
Week 26 - Cross
Week 24 - Spool
Week 28 - Pansy
Week 29 - Crossed Square
Week 29 - City Streets
Week 34 - Square

Week 27 - Basket Weave

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