Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boomerang - Sent and Received

It's time to play catchup with the blog - I have lots and lots of photos of blocks I've either made or received, so here goes.  First up, blocks I've MADE for Boomerang 7.0 - the last ones.

The Dandy Quilt Block for Mikayla A
Prairie Queen for Shari D
Next are blocks I've received so far for this round of Boomerang. I sent out two fabrics - a black with gray, white, and red and a white with multi-colored dots and circles.

Sunlight and Shadow from Joan B
Diamond Star from Kelly B
from Susan G
from Marilyn S
Indiana Puzzle (AKA Water Wheel) from Mindy H
from Donna B
from Penny T
from Lori-Ann M
from Sandy L

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