Monday, May 7, 2012

Assorted blocks and quilts to show:

Ribbon Star for Sue S - Stash Bee
Mini Quilt and gifts from Teresa in Scotland for STUD (Swap Till You Drop)

Mini from Teresa in Scotland
Hatch and Windows quilt top
The Hatch and Windows is a top I made as part of the MysteryQuilts4Military Yahoo Group. About 80% of the fabric was given to me by a friend. I added only some black. The top has been donated to my guild's community service program.

Completed quilt for Home of the Brave Quilt Project
received from Maureen C - Quilters' Board Monthly Bee
Bloggers' BOM - Month 8 - Triangle Squares

"Another Star" from Sue S in Australia for Block Swap Adventure
May blocks for Lynn for Stash Bee

Storm at Sea for Sami - Block Swap Adventure
Pieceful Kwilter SAL 2012 - Part 3, Step 1 - Pregnant Star
Pieceful Kwilter SAL 2012 - Part 3, Step 2 - Pinwheels
6 Hot-Crossed 9 Patches in plaid - the April blocks for Block Lotto

So yes, I've been very busy - though I could have even been busier!  About a month ago, we decided that we needed a little extra cash since we wanted to go to Colorado for the late summer and early fall, AND go to our son's wedding in New York in October. So, I'm subbing with the district from which I just retired, and I try to get 2 or 3 days a week. I miss my swimming and water aerobics, but I really need to do this. I now cherish those days I'm not subbing, and spend them in my sewing room.

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