Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bumblebeans 15 Minutes Play Color Challenge

Over on the 15 Minutes Play blog, we've been doing a color challenge. Every week Victoria posts a color and we a) find some coordinating fabric, b) "make" fabric using the pieces we found, and c) make a block that we then share with the group on the blog. I've been making two blocks for each color - a 12.5" block and a 6.5" one. It's allowed me to use some more of my accumulated scraps.

Here are my blocks so far:

Mauve 12.5"

Mauve 6.5"
Ochre 12.5"

Ochre 6.5"

Avocado 12.5"
Avocado 6.5"
Peach 12.5"
Peach 6.5"
Yellow 12.5"

Yellow 6.5"
Orange 12.5"

Orange 6.5"
Dusty Blue 12.5"

Dusty Blue 6.5"
Rust 12.5"

Rust 6.5"

1 comment:

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

They all look so great together! Bright, happy, cheery!