Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blogger Problems

So, the latest problem I'm having with Blogger is this:  After I've published a post (such as the previous one), and then try to create a new post, the photos from the previous post are still there on the "upload photos" page.  I have to actually close the page and start over for them to go away.  Add that to the fact that the past few weeks (since Blogger went to the new interface) I can't insert more than one photo at a time. I can upload a bunch at a time, and even then, half of them are "invisible."  I can click on the space where they're supposed to be and can select them - but can't see them. It's driving me nuts, and there's nothing to address this at Blogger help.

I don't know if I  have the patience tonight to keep trying to upload photos. Right now I think I'll go investigate the problem with Blogger.

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