Friday, December 7, 2007

December Goals and a Look Back at November

I really, really did not even do well as far as November goals went. Why do I even set them when I'm going to go off and do my own thing? I guess I need to keep trying, though. I DID do a lot of stitching.

Here were the November goals:
1. Start "Alpine Seasons Garden" mandala (Nope, didn't even do that.)
2. Finish January on "Crabby All Year" (Almost done.)
3. Stitch at least 3 charity squares (Did one)
4. Stitch at least one LizzieKate snippet or flip-bit (Nope, none.)
5. Stitch at least 3 jar lids (Nope, none).

Here's what I DID do:
1. Finished "Merry Yule" ornament (Erica Michaels)
2. Finished "O Christmas Tree" ornament (Follow the Leader)
3. Finished "Winter Whitetail" ornament (Something in Common)
4. Finished stitching "Colorado" bell pull (Fireside Originals)
5. Finished stitching "Flock of Briar Root" (Tina Richards/before she was Shepherd's Bush)
6. Finished "As Bethlehem Slept" ornament (Shepherd's Bush)
7. Finished stitching "Liberty" (Shepherd's Bush)
8. Finished stitching Dutch (Hollandaise) Cow [for WOCS]
9. Finished "Winter" ornament (Prairie Schooler)
10. Finished "Rocky Mountain Christmas" ornament (Jeannette Douglas)
11. Finished "Hanuka Tova" ornament (Periphaeria Designs)
12. Started "Simplicity Goodness Truth" (The Heart's Content)
13. Finished "Carousel Jumper" for CSFC
14. House/trees mitten [for WOCS]

See? I got a lot done - just not what I'd planned. So let's see if I can put together some December goals that I'll actually try to accomplish!

1. Finish January in "Crabby All Year"
2. Texas Cow for WOCS
3. Pine Trees mitten for WOCS
4. "Joy" ornament - SamSarah
5. Lighthouse towel for my friend Patrick
6. Smiling Uncle Sam square for SOLAK
7. At least two more ornaments
8. "Fishing" piece for Gary
9. "Fishing" piece for Don
10. Start February in "Crabby All Year"
11. Peppermint Candy biscornu


Susan said...

With all those finishes, your UFO shelf has to be getting bare. A reason to celebrate!

Nancy in IL said...

Holy cow! You got a LOT done, and I'm more like you---do what I hadn't intended at all and usually better off for it. I may as well not even make lists of goals. Life changes all that. Congrats on your wonderful accomplishments!