Monday, January 14, 2013

Ideas for Scrapbusting Classes

These are class ideas for a friend, but I don't mind other people seeing this post.

1.  x+ quilt 

I would show the planned version with the striped fabric, and then the scrappy version. I have figured out the size of the quilt - 44 x 52 with a 4" border, along with the fabric requirements.  We could do the initial corner pieces (x) one day, then the center pieces (+) another day, and begin piecing the blocks together either that day or an other one. In the photo above, my scrappy version has a border of strips - but I'm taking that off and replacing it with a solid border in red, blue, green or something like that (I need to see what I've got).

2. bow ties mini quilt
Uses up 2" and 1 1/4" squares.  Makes a mini quilt about 20 x 15 (I can get exact measurement later).

3. strings, or strings and crumbs

The first two are simple string quilts.  This is a one-day class to show the technique of sewing the strings on a phone book paper foundation. Fabric requirement is a bag or box of assorted strings. The third quilt is called Crumb Chaos, and it uses small pieces at first, and incorporates spare triangles if people have them, and uses a lot of strings.  This quilt top shown is a King. 

4. 9-patch HSTs

The above are the ones I told you about in the shop today - using 2" squares and HSTs (the HSTs are made from 2.5" squares and scrap triangles). I've given away the top 3, but I the bottom one and can get it sandwiched and tied or quilted.

5. tiny squares

Both of the above are made from 1.5" scraps. The top one has 100-patch squares surrounded by more tiny squares. The bottom one is all 36-patch squares.  Neither one is sandwiched/quilted yet.

6. New York Beauties
This is the one we discussed at the shop today. I'll bring it in to be quilted soon. I have paper copies of the patterns as well as .pdf files - how would we deal with those? Perhaps people could provide their email addresses when they sign up, I can email them the patterns and ask them to print them up at  home and bring them, and then I can provide paper copies at the class for late joiners or people who don't have computers.

7. boxed stars

This is a block I designed myself based on the one called "boxes #2."  It uses up a bunch of 2" strips, since I used the companion angle ruler to make the hsts.  The neutrals are 3.5" squares, if I remember correctly. I don't have that top any more, though - I donated it to CBQ.

This last quilt is a completed quilt made during an online sew-along. I can show it as an example of something made entirely from scraps and orphan blocks.

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Teri said...

I really like the look of a scrappy string quilt. I don't have a lot of scraps, but have seen scrap bags of fabric sold at quilt shops and garage sales.