Sunday, January 6, 2013

Modern Monday/Traditional Tuesday - almost finished!

Since I finished my Sow-Along quilt top, I decided to tackle another long-term project - getting caught up on the Modern Monday and Traditional Tuesday blocks.  Today I was able to get 16 of them done - 17 if you count the one that's the wrong size. 

Week 55 - Hearts

Week 56 - Split 9-Patch and Hour Glass 2

Week 57 - Piano Keys

Week 58 - 4-Patch Snowball and Bear Paw
Week 59 - Sunshine Star and Disappearing 9-Patch

Week 60 - No Name Block and Modified 4-Patch

Week 61 - Improve and Square in a Square

Week 62 - Mod Shape and Gem Block
There are only a couple of blocks left to do, and then I need to think about sewing them together in two different tops. Since I didn't do all 64 of each one, I think I'll select my favorites and do 56 of each one. I can put the extra ones on the backs.

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