Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I've been up to lately

I think it's time to get organized here on the blog. One of the quilting blogs I follow has a list at the bottom of each post of the WIPs and UFOs the author is working on, and updates that go with them. That's a wonderful idea.  I'll give it a try.

First, here are some blocks I made yesterday and today:

30's Pinwheel in a Block - Block Swap Adventure - February

Low volume string hearts - Block Lotto - February

Wonky Houses - Stash Bee - February

Lucky Stars BOM - February blocks - Exploding Star

Susannah - Sisters' 10 BOM - February blocks

Block Lotto
- January blocks completed
- February blocks completed
Block Swap Adventure
- January block completed
- February block completed
Modern Monday - all blocks completed
Pieceful Kwilter SAL - 7 parts completed, ready to start part 8
Quilt Doodle Designs BOM
- January block completed

Sew Bee Wonky
- January blocks completed
- February - It's my month, so I don't have to make any!
Sisters' 10 BOM - Gen X Quilters
- January blocks completed
- February blocks completed
Stash Bee
- January blocks completed
 - February blocks completed
Sugar Block Club
- January block completed
- February block completed
Traditional Tuesday - all blocks completed

UFOs (tops that need to be quilted or donated)
1. Lighted Forest - paper-pieced/batiks - at the quilter's
2. Batik New York Beauties - quilted, needs binding
3. granny squares on white - quilted, needs binding
4. 5 1/2" strings w/red border - quilted, needs binding
5. scrappy +x blocks
6. striped +x blocks
7. selvage strings w/white border
9. Sow-Along - 30's fabric w/white border
10. Bumblebeans large color challenge
11. Quatrefoil
12. cheddar bowties
13. 100-patch
14. crumby log cabins
15. green Bento box
16. Laurel Burch Christmas
17. 4 hearts/1" blocks

WIPs (tops in progress)
1. Boomerang blocks - turquoise
2. Block Lotto tall fly blocks
3. scrappy rag quilt
4. string quilt #4
5. Mondern Monday
6. Traditional Tuesday
7. bold stars on white
8. Bumblebeans small color challenge
9. Discontinuity

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Bridget said...

That is organized! I look forward to seeing your progress. I am a sucker for pinwheels!