Friday, January 4, 2013

Sow-Along Quilt top completed!

Last spring I started the online "Sow-Along" with Randy of Barrister's Block.  Originally, she was going to do a sew-along of the Farmer's Wife quilt, but she was asked by the author of the book to not do it.  So instead, she selected blocks that are in the public domain - some of them are in the book, some aren't - and decided to call it a "Sow-Along" quilt.

I used some 30s reproduction fabric for this. I really don't like 30s reproduction fabrics, but I picked up a half-yard bundle in Oregon about 4 years ago that I needed to use. It had the blue, the red, the white-based multi-colored floral, and a black and white gingham (which I didn't use on this quilt). I wanted some other colors for this quilt, so I found a nice green at JoAnn, and then Donna Sheridan at Calico Horse helped me find a good cheddar.  I decided to use Kona White for the background, and I think it really makes it look "modern."  All the blocks are traditional blocks, the fabrics are 30s' repro, but the quilt looks contemporary (to me).

My next task is to make a backing - I think I'm just going to piece together the rest of the yardage of the 30's repro fabrics - I said I don't like them - and that way I'm DONE with them.

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