Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Star from an idea I saw in a swap

In Color Order's HST Block of the Month for June
Bloggers' BOM - re-do of a star I didn't like the first time (I made two)

Barrister's Block Sew-Along - Modified Lemoyne Star
received from Alicia - Quilters' Board Monthly Bee

for Sew Bee Wonky Flickr group
for Sew Bee Wonky Flickr group

Bloggers' BOM block for May
Modern Monday - Week 34 - Checkerboard Skew

Traditional Tuesday - Week 34 - Unequal 9-Patch
Modern Monday - Week 35 - Kansas Dugout

Traditional Tuesday - Week 35 - Kansas Dugout
Modern Monday - Week 36 - 4H

Traditional Tuesday - Week 36  - 4H

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