Saturday, June 16, 2012

Memories of Sisters - finally finished!

As more and more tops piled up in my closet, I decided I'd better take some out and finish them up.  I use a Featherweight for all my sewing, so quilting is not easy.  But I gave it a try for this one:

This is called "Memories of Sisters."  It's a paper-pieced pattern designed by Vivienne Moore. I bought the pattern when I volunteered at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festival in 2008, made the top that fall, but just now quilted and bound it.  I learned from the Stitchin' Post website that the pattern has been retired. Lucky me!


Bridget said...

Love this one, too! What are the dimensions?

Cyndi said...

29" x 38". It's a wall-hanging.