Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blocks for 15 Minutes

Victoria's Basket of Flowers

Julie's Hybrid Tea Rose

Bonnie's Cactus Flower
Just trying to keep up with the BOMs on 15 Minutes Play.  I have so much "made fabric" to use up, with more scraps to use.

At quilt guild yesterday I learned that there are many, many women who do not use their scraps. One woman had made a pretty quilt, and came to the meeting with a garbage bag full of the scraps left over. We're talking about large scraps, too.  She donated them to be used as stuffing for a doggie bed.  I wanted to shout, "give them to me!" There were enough in there to make a whole quilt!  Don't they realize that our scraps also cost $9 a yard?  I was talking to the president during the break and mentioned the garbage bag of scraps, and she said that a lot of the ladies just don't "do scrappy."  Well, they're going to see my scrappy!!!


Rachel S said...

How wonderful are those!

I like that you are using the little pieces too. I like your thinking!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am glad you use even the little bits.