Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some little quilts finished

See the wavy, wonky edges? That's because I'm new to making something with so many bias edges. Maybe it'll look better hanging up, or as a table centerpiece. It's called "Antique Diamonds," and it's from the book Bits and Pieces by Karen Costello Soltys.

At the Chiloquin Quilt Show, there was a basket on the table with a sign that said "Please Take One." The basket was full of scraps, all in sets, and I pulled out a set of 6 three-inch batik charms. The little tag on the set said these were "Quilt Seeds," so I made a little mini-quilt from them.

I learned a lesson about quilting with this little guy. I learned that when you're making tiny stars, your alignment mistakes and seam allowance differences are magnified when you use dark thread to quilt straight lines. I wanted to do lines that followed the seams, but my seams weren't in straight lines! Oh well. This is called "Honeymoon in Vegas," and it's from Lori Smith's packet of fat quarter patterns. The company is called From my heart to your hands.

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MysteryKnitter said...

Maybe some little gal or guy would love to have a mini quilt. So little she can't even talk yet, but big enough that she has already seen the light of the day.