Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quail Trail - Sandi Selk

I mentioned the Chiloquin, Oregon, quilt show a few weeks ago, and am now posting about Sandi Selk because I finished one of her designs. Sandi, above, is from Chiloquin. I bought two of her patterns - Quail Trail and Kokopelli, both from her Southwest Icons series.

(You can see Sandi's designs at her website: Sandi Quilts. )

Below is the finished wallhanging, which measures 17" x 36". I learned about fusible appliqué and used a new (hand) stitch - the outline stitch - which I used on the baby quail. I used blanket stitch around the mama.

Don't you love the fabric I found? I wanted mine to look like they were in a forest - so they're walking on some rocks in front of aspen trees.


Mari said...

This is just soooo cute !! I love it !

MysteryKnitter said...

Looks awesome! You're a true master quilter.