Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love Jo Morton!

Before I left for vacation, I visited Donna Sheridan's Calico Horse, a LQS in Redlands. (Donna is the mother of a former student!) I told her I liked to do miniature and small quilts, and asked if she had any books. She didn't at that time, but went back to her office and brought me a pattern for a small quilt by Jo Morton. This one is called Nine Patch Checkerboard, and it measures about 23" square. The original pattern called for shades of red with some dark tan accents, but I decided to try it "scrappy" style. I'm quite pleased with the results.

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MysteryKnitter said...

Like a window with a curtain. I can't explain, but that's what that quilt makes me think. It looks awesome.