Monday, February 23, 2009

Presents Under the Tree wallhanging - The Calico Horse

Right after I started quilting, I visited The Calico Horse quilt shop in Redlands. It's owned by Donna Sheridan, whose son Bobby was a student of mine nearly 20 years ago. I told Donna I was looking for easy patterns to continue learning with, and she showed me this one. While it's a Christmas pattern, I changed the colors a little so that it's not so Christmassy and can hang in my house year-round. I'll be quilting it myself since it's small enough to do on my little machine.

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Lynn said...

I'm really enjoying seeing all your quilting projects. I admire anyone who can quilt. I gave it a try once but I can't seem to get past the cutting and piecing stage.

Looks like you're getting the snow we had last year. It's been a much better winter for us this time around.