Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Snow Story

This is the snow that came right after I got back from Seattle. Yes, I really do live in "sunny southern California," but this winter we're really getting some storms!

Remember this wheelbarrow? Here it is again, almost completely covered.

This is my next door neighbor's house - he hasn't come up this winter so the snow has now piled up as high as his carport!

About a week ago, we took Don's truck down to Yucaipa since it doesn't have 4-wheel drive, and he needed it for the trailer. In the meantime, the only place he was able to put the snow was in his parking place. (Since this photo was taken, he paid a friend with a small bulldozer to move the snow across the street to another friend's driveway. She won't be coming up here so there was room.)

This is out my back window, where he shoveled a path to the shed where we keep the generator. We've had to use it 4 times already due to power outages.

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MysteryKnitter said...

You have been in trouble because of all that snow. I get it, even it is summer now in Finland.