Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home - and 4 more feet of snow

I'm home from a nice trip to Seattle. I had a conference there; went up a day early to play tourist. On Thursday I found Undercover Quilts down near the market and bought two sets of fabric kitted up for a mini-quilt and a table runner. Next, I wandered all around downtown Seattle, "shopping," but I only bought some jasmine tea. Dinner was at a great restaurant called Sazerac. I found it via Open Table, where I'd made a reservation. I was drawn to it because of the description of one of the appetizers: cornmeal-coated and fried chicken livers!I love chicken livers, so I had those - and loved them. For my main dish, I had the grilled scallops- which were served atop some sliced baby fingerling potatoes, collard greens, and a lime cream sauce. These had to be the best scallops I've had in a long time! The green stuff is an herb pistou. If I ever go back to Seattle, I will go back to Sazerac!

I spent Friday driving -took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, spent more money at Esther's Fabrics, and drove along the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula. I stopped at a bead shop in Port Angeles, and the Visitor's Center at the base of the road to Hurricane Ridge. I was going to go all the way up to Hurricane Ridge, but didn't have chains for the rental car.

The conference ended Sunday, and I flew back in time to be in the middle of yet another monster snowstorm. Last night about 3 am it started snowing, and it hasn't stopped yet. Don has gone out and shoveled off the Jeep 3 times; he's shoveled a path to the Jeep 3 times, and is running out of places to put the snow. His truck is down in Yucaipa, and right now there's no place for him to park it even if he could get it back up here.

I spent today cutting and piecing a mini-quilt - one that I bought in Seattle - and have run into a snag on how to stitch one of the blocks. I'll get Ruthie to teach me how to do it tomorrow night - IF I can get down the mountain in the morning. The picture below was taken last Monday afternoon, when we tried to get home after a snowstorm. The road was closed at the ranger station - at about 3,000 feet! We ended up staying the night in our trailer - we'd just gotten it back from the repair shop - and were able to go home on Tuesday.


Doris said...

Beautiful pictures!!and sound like a nice trip,too.

MysteryKnitter said...

Beautiful pictures. You must live high because of that snow and all. The road must be slippery at winter time.