Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello from Lake Mead!

I turned on my computer to check a recipe in MacGourmet, and noticed that I had 2-3 bars on my Airport - I'm picking up the internet on someone's wide open network. I'm in an RV park at Echo Bay, and someone has their own WiFi network! Wheeee!

We are having a fabulous time. We have great weather, finally, after a week of off-and-on wind, cold, and rain. It's clear and sunny, and I'm sitting outside where the reception is the best for this accidental network, and though it's a little chilly, it's bearable. Don's out on the lake with his friend Gary - and has been having great fishing success. We had fresh fish for dinner two nights ago, and yesterday he gave me 14 fillets (7 fish) to freeze. It's all striped bass, which to me, tastes much better than the catfish they sometimes bring back. We're having a "neighborhood" fish fry for New Year's Eve - a sort of potluck for the sides and desserts, and Gary and Don will cook a bunch of fish that should feed about 2o people.

I've gotten 4/5 of Black Swan Design's "Desert Sunrise" stitched, though I haven't taken any WIP photos of it. Tomorrow I'm going quilt and cross stitch shopping in Las Vegas - I need my nails done so I will make a fun day of it while Don and Gary are fishing. I'll report later about what I got!


Cindy F. said...

Oh girl! You are living the good life!! So glad you're having a relaxing time:)

corinna said...

happy new year
to you and yours
hooray for downtime

MysteryKnitter said...

I am happy you have the connection. I am happy for the fish too. I am happy you have been able to stitch. You will reach your stitching goal, I am sure about that.