Friday, December 19, 2008

We Have Power!

Wednesday I went down the mountain to work, and came back home in the early evening in time for another storm to move in. During the night, we got another 2 feet! Don got up at 2:30 and told me the power had gone out. At 3 I heard him outside, and got up to see why he was out there. He said you have got to come look at this. I could not believe how much more snow there was. In 4 days, we got about 5 FEET. The power stayed off all day Thursday, and we learned that the Edison trucks weren't allowed to come up the mountain until around noon. When I drove down in the morning Thursday, they had the road blocked - NO ONE was coming up. There must have been 150 skiers and snowboarders waiting for the road to open up. I felt a little sorry for them - they took the day off to ski, and couldn't get up to the mountains!

Thursday evening we used our generator for light and to keep the fridge cold, and Don figured out how to hook up the fan from the fireplace insert to warm the living room. We had nice stovetop dinner - we can still use the stove since it uses propane - and even watched a couple hours of tv. He brought the little tv out from the bedroom and hooked it up to the generator and picked up ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX with the antenna.

The Edison guys, bless them, worked through the night - the temps were in the teens (this is southern California!!!!) - and power came back on this morning at 4:30.

Remember this wheelbarrow? Here it is again - almost totally covered.

Pretty, yes?

This is the view from our house up to the San Gorgonio Wilderness, and San Bernardino Peak.

The mountains in the far distance are the San Gabriels, above Rancho Cucamonga/Claremont, visible from Forest Falls.


Anonymous said...

WOw, you get alot of snow, I bet it is pretty once and then you get tired of it

Sharon said...

It is beautiful. I am glad you have power though.

Sally said...

Wow, pretty, pretty pictures! I'd love that much snow even if it was just once a Winter I'd be happy!

Angela said...

I think i'll stop complaining about our snowfall! It's so very pretty though.

Cindy F. said...

Unbelievable! I had no idea Southern Cali ever got that kind of snow! It's beautiful, but glad it's not snowing here! WOW!! Beautiful pics! Glad you're staying warm:)

Jenn Entropy said...

Wow I think you have more snow than us way out in the snow belt. We're getting hit, but I want more - the skiiing is great though :-). Enjoy your holiday!
Great quilt BTW!

Lynn said...

What breathtaking views you have your way! Bet you're glad the power is back. We've had a couple of dumps due to back-to-back storm systems. Pretty for the holidays but it can melt after that.

MysteryKnitter said...

I understand your complaining. Snow is ordinary in Finland every winter. I am sad for those mountain circumstances you have there in your world, though. One must live one day at a time. I am sure the roads will be open again sooner or later.