Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, snow, snow!

This was the view from the front door on Monday morning, while the first storm was coming through. The wheelbarrow and our cars can show you how much snow we had then, and by the end of that storm I'd estimate 2 1/2 feet judging by how much was on the deck.

I took this photo this morning (Wednesday), and you can see how high the snow is on top of the wheelbarrow. Yesterday Don spent all day shoveling. The snow plow came through one time, and piled up a berm 5 feet high behind his truck. He cleared that out, spent another half hour putting chains on the truck, and drove down to Yucaipa to leave it with the trailer at Tommy's. I was able to get out and go to work - my Jeep is 4WD, and it took 20 minutes to get the 2 miles from my house to the highway. When the plows did the main road, they took off the snow and left a solid sheet of ice - thick ice - AND DIDN'T PUT ANY CINDERS DOWN. Idiots. But even bigger idiots were the drivers who didn't put chains on, didn't have 4-wheel drive, and SLID down the steepest part of the road through town - DELIBERATELY. One guy I passed was sipping his coffee, right wheels along the edge of the road, just slowly sliding downhill, wheels not turning at all. Unbelievable.

This used to be a front walkway down to the street.

Anyway, I think I'll get some quilting done!


Anonymous said...

Stay warm with all this snow

Cindy F. said...

Incredible pics!! Unbelievable amount of snow! Beautiful stuff, but too cold for me! Stay safe and warm:)

MysteryKnitter said...

Cinder? I had to use Google translator to understand, what it is. It must be some kind of ash or something, or that's what Google said. In Finland they put gravel on the road or some salty liquid to melt it.