Monday, October 29, 2007

"My Sister" by Forever in My Heart

This summer, after I'd started cross stitching again, the first needlework shop I visited was Forever Stitching in Idaho Falls, Idaho. There I met Lynda Orme, who introduced me to stitching on linen. She gave me a lot of scraps from her scrap bucket, and also let me select one her own designs from Forever in My Heart Designs. I selected this one about my sister, so I could stitch it for one of my sisters for Christmas. To the left is what the piece should really look like. It has nice soft pastel colors, and it should be stitched on white or cream so it looks good in a pastel frame.

To the right is what my piece looks like. Here's why it doesn't look anything like Lynda's: 1) I wanted to stitch something on one of the linen scraps she gave me, and 2) I needed to change the colors since I was stitching on lavender. I think it will look much better when I get it framed, and I think my sister (I'm not going to say which one yet) will like it!

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Nic said...

Great stitching finish - and a great motto! I'm tempted to stitch that for my own sister :o)