Friday, October 5, 2007

Goals Check and October Goals

DoI stitched a great deal in September, and finished some things that were not on the goals list. I didn't start a large Martina Weber mandala - mainly because the fabric just now arrived. So I guess that goes on the October list! I didn't even pick up "Calico Cats," so I'll have to make a point of working on that one, too.

October goals:

1. Start "Alpine Seasons Garden" mandala
2. Stitch at least 2 more cats on "Calico Cats"
3. Stitch at least 2 more hours on "Cape Hatteras"
4. Stitch at least 3 charity quilt squares
5. Finish an ornament for the Xmas Ornie Exchange 2007
6. Stitch two more "freebies" from my notebook
7. Stitch at least one LizzieKate snippet or flip-bit
8. Start gathering goodies for 12 Days of Christmas Exchange
9. Start "Crabby All Year"
10. Do Thanksgiving bread cover for CSRR

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