Monday, October 22, 2007

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Cross stitching is supposed to be relaxing. It usually is, except when you're frogging. But this weekend a weird thing happened. I was stitching the pastel hen on 18-count. It's a stiff Aida cloth, and I was having a hard time with nearly every stitch getting the needle into the hole on the back side of the fabric. It would catch, make scratching noises, and I found my body really tensing up - sort of like I wanted to scream. I couldn't believe how it was - and I realized I needed to put it down and stop. When I finally finished the hen yesterday, I was so relieved - and decided to start a piece on softer evenweave just so I wouldn't have that "tensing up" with the stitches.

I've noticed that my right (stitching) hand has gotten pretty adept at locating the next hole when I'm stitching - even on linen - and for some reason it just wasn't working with the 18-count.

What about you?


Nic said...

I find stitching on aida less relaxing, too. However, as I have some still to use up, I'm still stitching on it - I've found moving to a size 26 petite needle really helps, as it moves much more smoothly through the holes, and you don't get that scritching!

Lynn said...

The last time I worked on Aida I found it was so stiff. I ran into the same sort of problem. I've found I really like Piecemaker Needles. They seem to just glide through fabric and they've made it a bit easier on the aida.

MysteryKnitter said...

If the Aida were stamped or pre - printed, I'd like it. But to do the math on your own - no'o. That would be full of errors.