Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mug rugs and mug mats

I am doing a "pay it forward" activity on Facebook again - I did it last year and it was quite successful. The concept is that you post on Facebook that the first 5 people to comment will receive something handmade from me - and they have to do the same thing for 5 more people.  I decided this year to give my 5 friends mug rugs or mug mats. I learned that a mug mat is just smaller - so it can be used as a coaster.

I learned the idea for the ric rac from this tutorial on Jodie's blog Pleasant Home.

This one started as a little hexagon, and I added strips around it like a log cabin block. It ended up a little wonky. 

This is great fabric for a teacher!  And I have 3 teachers to give mug rugs to.

I made this using leftover HSTs from making a large block.

Smaller. A mug mat.

I'm back playing with hexies. I'm looking for a swap group for hexies, if anyone knows of one I can join.


Dee said...

How fun are these! Love the pinwheel one the best!

MysteryKnitter said...

I like the one with yellow, pink and white. It's my favorite. But the one with the words and names is not far behind.