Monday, October 24, 2011

Citrus Belt Quilt Guild - Quilt Show

My guild held its quilt show two weekends ago - I am just now getting around to posting about it. (Retirement keeps you busy...) It was held at the Yucaipa Community Center, which has a huge gymnasium that served as a wonderful location for our show. I joined the guild too late to be one of the in-show volunteers, but was able to do some service by helping with the dismantling on Sunday.

On Saturday I showed up just as it opened so I could take photos and see all the quilts. I deliberately left my wallet in the car - I knew that if I saw something I wanted, I could go home and think about it overnight, and go back on Sunday to get it.  As it turned out, I was able to resist the call, and bought nothing.

Below are my favorites:

These were all the "wearables," including the antique pink dress at far right.

"Goose Tracks Rainbow" by Mary Aslanis

"Magritte & Me" by Laura West King. This one is made of thousands of little torn pieces.

"Liz's Baskets" by Liz Kennedy

"Amore Italia" by Mary Aslanis

"New Zealand Memories" by Mary Aslanis

"Tangled Threads" by Sharon Bergh

"Trail's End" by Phyllis Whitlock

"Memory Handkerchief Quilt" by Barbara Khacherian

"Doug's Ties #1" by Cindy Chrisler

"Betsy's Closet" by Phyllis Green

"Pick Up Sticks" by Donna Gaston

"Redlands Ties that Bind" by Nelda Stuck

"Country Fair" by Phyllis Green


Rachel S said...

What nice pictures. Great quilting!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am speechless! Those are awesome!