Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boomerang 6.0 Set 2

In this round of Boomerang, it seems more swappers sent their fat 8ths out when they were supposed to. I have already finished about 3/4 of the blocks. This time I found myself using the remainders of some people's fabric on other people's blocks - there were several that just seemed to go together. I found a new site to get some block ideas: Delaware Quilts.

Silent Star, AKA Kansas City Star, for Florence M

Prairie Queen for Kathy S

Hayes Corner for Kathy N

Louisiana for Kristin G

Nelson's Victory for Peggy R

Square in a Square in a Square - special request by Kris D. She'll be using these in a Linus Quilt.

Sawtooth for Linda M

Red Cross Variation for Misty C

Ohio Star for Joan L

Hunter Star for Mallorie A

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