Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Homes Together - #s 10 and 12

I completed two more of our homes today for my "Our Homes Together" quilt. This one was located at the end of Dogwood Drive in Forest Falls, California. It was a manufactured home, rectangular in shape, but had what anyone wants to have - location, location, location.  It sat at the edge of Mill Creek - with a large boulder wash between the house and the creek (which was a good thing, since Mill Creek often flooded in tremendous fashion). It had a deck that ran the entire front of the house and then into a larger deck area on the side. From the deck you could look up into the San Gorgonio Wilderness - the boundary is on the other side of the creek. We could sit on our deck and look in any direction and not see another house since everyone else lived further away from the creek.  It had 3 small bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room with a small wood stove. This one is a bit wonkier than I'd like - but since these blocks are supposed to be symbolic as opposed to photographic, it'll do just fine.

Home #10 - Dogwood Drive, Forest Falls, California

This next one was a bit more complicated to make due to the 2 stories that were just on one side of the house, and the extra gable above the garage. But once I figured out how to make it work, it came together just fine. The angles are pretty neat - I don't want everything to look "perfect!" We bought this house because it was in the center of town, and the kids were in middle and high school and were very active in sports. (Kenny:  water polo, swimming, and soccer, Theresa: soccer and track). That meant that not only was I 5 minutes from the school where I taught, we had mostly short drives to the kids' practices.
Home #12 - Lockwood Drive, Yucaipa, California

Three down, 11 to go.  I decided to do one of our trailer, since it's one of our homes, too.


Pokey said...

Hi, I came over from Block Lotto, it's nice to meet you! We are almost neighbors, I'm in Ontario, and was up in your area last quilt run! You'll enjoy the lotto, I'm sure. :-}pokey

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I am fascinated by your home blocks. Thanks for posting this; gives me something to consider to my ever growing list of things to do.

MysteryKnitter said...

That is nice.