Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Not a Democracy...

just because a majority votes a certain way. It's not a democracy when a majority can take away the rights of the minority. A democracy PROTECTS the minority.

In addition, when you insert RELIGION into government, you are in fact violating the constitution. We are supposed to have not only freedom OF religion, but freedom FROM religion.

Helen says it better:

"If marriage is an institution supported by this country then it must be made available to all of its citizens according to the law. If however, it is strictly a religious institution then a constitutional amendment determining who can and cannot have access to it is sort of missing the point. Religious freedom except for people who are not religious is a mutually exclusive concept. And if we keep going down this path the concept of a Christ-like Christian will become an oxymoron."

Just my two cents, whether you agree with me or not.


Anonymous said...

I voted no, if you're talking about Prop 8.

Cyndi said...

Thanks, Beth. Really.