Friday, October 17, 2008

Maryse's Damier SAL - FINISHED

I stitched the 2008 Damier (checkerboard) SAL from Maryse, and will soon take it to get framed - I think it will make a good Christmas gift for one of my sisters. This was a fun and quick stitch - yes, there are 91 squares, but each one was small and a lot of them didn't have a lot of stitching (the letters, for example.)

Maryse has a wealth of free charts - she's a prolific designer - and her latest one is a great Halloween pattern that I think I'll try.


gwyneth said...

Beautiful piece! I love checkerboard type patterns and have stitched a few myself. I've got a lot more in my stash. I'm off now to check out Maryse's site.

Stitcher S said...

Beautiful checkerboard! I love the colors.

Thanks for visiting and commmenting on my blog. Yes, we're not too far off from each other, are we?

I'm an elementary school teacher, so we have teaching in common too.

Sorry I couldn't go to the GTG today, but from what I remember I don't think you're going today either.

Take care, and enjoy some stitching this weekend.

Sharon said...

Fabulous finish! Congrats.

staci said...

It's wonderful! Congrats!!!

Petra said...

I agree about Maryse, she's an awesome designer! I've stitched one of her pieces and it turned out so pretty! Congrats on the finish, you did a great job!

Barb said...

That is beautiful. Great job on it. I'm sure one of your sisters will be very happy wih ut.