Monday, October 13, 2008

"Flock of Briar Root" - Shepherd's Bush

This chart was in Cross Stitch and Country Crafts way back in 1988. Back then, Shepherd's Bush was just the shop in Ogden, Utah, and Tina Richards was a designer under her own name. She had been with the Vanessa-Ann Collection up until this time. You can see one of her first "earth people" there at the top along with some of her sheep that crop up in many of her later designs. Tina is quoted in the article that goes with this piece as describing her " ' earth people' as 'these little persons who wanter along the spaces of my samplers and are the gentle reapers of the earth. Once, they, too, may have been gypsies [she always thought she must have been born to gypsies and stolen away from them at an early age], but now they have found homes where they must become a part of the world and its beautiful, yet mundane, qualities.' "

Every time I buy a new Shepherd's Bush chart, I look for her little "earth people." Have you seen them?


Nic said...

That's lovely - I'm very fond of SB sheep and earth people too :o)

MysteryKnitter said...

How pretty stitching! I envy your skills.