Monday, September 24, 2007

"Halloween Night" by Helga Mandl - Finished for Hanging

Here it is, all sewn up and ready for hanging. There's a pocket running across the top of the back, where Dawn (the person I'm sending it to) will insert a small wooden dowel. Then she'll use the black cord I'm sending to hang it. The cloth is a Halloween design - those are small pumpkins. So cute! I wish I sewed, or I'd have done it myself. But at least I stitched the design!


Lynn said...

I love to stitch but I'm not great at sewing. I'm hoping to learn some finishing techniques soon though. I just finished Helga Mandl's Blood Donors Needed which was a really fun stitch!

Susan said...

That is great! I love the florescent thread you used. Thanks for sharing the link with the list.

Anonymous said...

That turned out very nice, I love the way you finished it.