Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Willkommen (Welcome), plus a tip aboout framing

I finished this piece in 1988, but didn't frame it until today. It's from a pattern I purchased at a shop in Germany, with a typical German house. I bought the frame for $2.97 at JoAnn - it was a piece of Oriental Art on some wood, and I used a hammer to knock it out of the frame. I then had to use pliers to pull out the old glue. Next, I cut a piece of adhesive mounting board to fit, and centered the design over it - then stuck it in the frame and used a bit of hot glue to hold it in place.

After paying $205 to frame three pieces at Michael's this weekend (and they were having a half off sale!!!!!), I will start framing my own work as much as possible. It'll be easy to do the square and standard-sized pieces, but the long skinny ones (like samplers) will have to be done some other way.

Here's a great tip: Visit thrift shops, garage sales, Ross, and Marshalls, and purchase old framed art. I found four frames with mats at the Deseret Industries thrift shop for $1 each. I just have to remove the piece of art and replace it with my own pieces. Like the piece above, you can sometimes find the odd sizes and squares.


MysteryKnitter said...

This looks beautiful!

Ana said...

Hi Cyndi!!
Looking for something with words "willkommen" I arrived to your blog. I'm at Switzerland in holidays in my friends´s house and I´m looking for something to stitch to welcome... Please can you share this chart with me?? It?s too difficult to see german words...
Please send it to my mail lourenco.ana@gmail.com
Thanks in advance and if you need something please let me know and if I have I share...