Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Rooster" by Debbie Mumm

This is one of those cute little kits that comes with floss, mat, and glass - and I thought I'd do this for my sister Eileen. She decorates her kitchen with chicken things, and about a year ago I gave her a Debbie Mumm rooster cookie jar and matching salt & pepper shakers. This will go perfectly with them. There were a few surprises about this kit: 1) the floss isn't DMC or Anchor, it's "our own specially dyed" floss, so you can't just add the leftovers to your own stash without a search for matches. 2) The cloth was barely big enough for the design to fit on, about 4" square. I'm a hoop or Q-snap stitcher, and had to use my smallest hoop and still didn't get all of it in the hoop. 3) There's no frame - just a cardboard mat, a designed paper "frame," a piece of glass, and 4 clips. Oh well, it still is cute. In the picture, you're seeing reflections of trees off the glass, not discoloration.